High-quality gas and humidity control products
for energy-efficient equipment operation.
Fast responding transmitters and gas analyzers for
local onlineinstallations protect people and
capital investment. SIL 2 certified.
Continuous monitoring with best in class humidity,
temperature or gas instruments.
Reliable, high-precision industry-best measurement
instruments for consistnt and optimal product finish

ACE Scientific Solutions​

Strengthened by our strong relationships with our local and internationally recognized suppliers, ACE Scientific Solutions is the perfect partner for you and your business.​

Our proprietary humidity and gas measurement technologies detect down to parts per billion, allowing unique insights into processes that help our customers to innovate and progress. Our products enable safer conditions for people and processes, energy efficiency and improved product quality.

What we do

Our instruments and monitoring systems ensure critical infrastructure runs smoothly and without interruption, as well as maintaining compliance with demanding regulations.

ace analytical australia

Analytical Instrumentation Sales, Service and Innovation Specialists


ACE Scientific Solutions is a team of Analytical Experts, with years of practical industry experience solving complex problems with our customers.

A strong team with a firm foundation in electronics, science and engineering helps us deliver unique Analytical Solutions in Process and Safety applications, focused on the customer’s needs and budget.

Our talented technical team cover all aspects of Consulting, Sales, Training, Service and Calibration to do with any technical application in any industry.

Extensive experience with all Instrumentation, Gas Analysis and Liquid Analysis, Portable & Fixed Gas Detection and Flame & Smoke Detection for both safe are and hazardous area applications (typically to IECEx Standards), as well as many other General Instrumentation solutions. Just ask an ACE.

This all underpins our business, and our background in service means we also repair, calibrate and support everything we sell, not just limited to our brands either.

Solving technical problems for our customers is our core business and passion.

Highly complementary product ranges covering instruments, software and services

We help customers to stay compliant and maintain the highest quality

We embrace direct routes to market with a worldwide sales and service network

We offer solutions to improve the margins of our customers

We hire, grow and retain highly skilled experts with application knowledge

We provide worldwide service and aftermarket support via our Ace Analytical sales and service network

We have a deep understanding of customer needs for lasting relationships and high levels of repeat business

We continuously innovate and improve technologies

Globally Represented

ACE Scientific Solutions brands, located across the globe, are trusted for the precision and reliability of their products, strong innovation and singular focus on customer service. With a history of development and innovation starting in 1965 and continuing to the present day, we look forward to many more milestones to come.