Additive Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing processes of metal parts like Metal Powder Additive Manufacturing, sintering or HPI processes rely on the measurement of gas impurities to maintain uniform protective atmospheres, reduce chances for oxidization of the metal during the metal powder 3D-printing and prevent explosive atmospheres


Monitoring oxygen levels with SIL 2-rated analyzers increases efficiency of 3D Printers in the additive manufacturing process and protects the process from the danger of explosion in safety critical applications.

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Reliable monitoring of oxygen and moisture to ensure stable atmosphere in printing chambers is critical for efficient production and repeatable quality of 3D printed metal parts. Oxygen analyzers typically control the inert chamber atmosphere e.g. 99.9% Argon. Recent research show that measuring moisture becomes very important too. Depending on the used powder material moisture in metal powder will negatively impact the characteristics and quality of the printed parts.

Oxygen and moisture analyzers allow operators to better control, and if necessary, adjust the atmosphere in the printing chamber. PST brands Michell Instruments and Ntron offer analyzers for gas concentrations as small as single digit parts per million. Their very compact size, 4-20mA outputs and low-maintenance requirements make them ideal for direct installation into the Additive Manufacturing Printing Machines.

Working with leading 3D Printer manufacturers Ntron has developed a specific line of analysers for the additive manufacturing industry. We custom design analysers specifically for our customers individual requirements. From private labelling to developing sensors with specific I\O requirements for OEM customers control systems. With our technology, we assure you of accurate, long-life reliability and easy-to-handle analysers. Our sensor technology expertise includes zirconia, electrochemical, and optical. With a measurement range of 0 to 10 PPM up to 25% Oxygen we have the ability to SIL 2 rated solutions that are ATEX certified. Combining our wealth of experience with our high-quality products, we have developed successful relationships with several AM machine manufacturers.