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Mobile Workforce Management

Connecting the Field and the Office
INTMAN is a cloud-based platform for the management of mobile workforces, enabling organisations of all sizes to seamlessly connect the office and fieldworkers

Informed by the real-world experiences of field crews and administration teams, INTMAN was built from the get-go to tackle the key issues impacting the Asset Management industry.


INTMAN is feature packed but elegant and intuitive.

Its mobile-first design means that the tool is just as usable and effective on a smartphone out in the field as it is on a desktop computer back at base.

Double Handling

INTMAN allows work crews and office-based administrators to work on the same record or task at the same time.

Asset condition, status and work order instructions can be updated in real time, on-site, with a few simple clicks.


INTMAN fully supports the end-to-end asset management process.

Rather than a feature module, requiring time and energy to integrate with legacy tools and systems, INTMAN is an entirely self-contained platform.

Value for Money

INTMAN was designed with performance, scalability and affordability top of mind.

The platform carries significantly less cost to implement than comparable systems whilst the elimination of double-handling and manual data entry carries huge cost benefit.

INTMAN’s route management and mobile workforce management functionality makes it unique in the Asset Management space, enabling truly real-time workflow execution, opening endless possibilities for organisations with mobile workforces and the need to manage physical assets.