Hydrogen & Syngas

‘Synthesis gas’ or ‘syngas’ defines a variety of different gas mixtures, mainly composed of CO and hydrogen usually along with N2, traces of CO2, hydrocarbons and water vapour. Its name is derived from its use to synthesise hydrocarbons and chemicals such as methanol or ammonia.

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Syngas is used in many applications across several industries, ranging from fuel in gas turbines to produce electrical power to the production of diesel in catalytic processes or to chemically reduce iron ore. Syngas is often further processed to produce pure Hydrogen, which is used in a vast number of applications in several industries. For example:

  • In the processing industry hydrogen can provide a shielding atmosphere in stainless steel manufacturing
  • In chemical plants hydrogen is used to optimise the syngas composition for the production of ammonia and methanol
  • In environmentally driven applications, such as car engine testing, to reduce car exhaust pollution
  • In energy to refrigerate turbines in power stations