Chilled Mirror Hygrometer – Michell S8000 Remote

Precision Humidity Reference for Environmental Testing


  • Fundamental, accurate and low-drift measurement
  • Remote sensor
  • Open design allows remote sensor to be mounted into a sample flow or simply placed in an environment to be monitored
  • -40 to +120°C dew-point range with ±0.1°C accuracy
  • Data logging via USB, Ethernet or SD card
  • ‘FAST’ guarantees frost formation below 0°C
  • Sensor operates in pressures up to 20 barg
The S8000 Remote is a compact chilled mirror hygrometer with a remote sensor. It provides it provides fundamentally derived, high precision relative humidity readings necessary for validating the results of environmental tests. It offers a wide measurement range from the equivalent of <0.5 to 100% RH (dew point range: –40 to +120°C) at temperatures up to +120°C. The S8000 Remote features a new sensor design, incorporating a high precision 1/10DIN PT100 to provide ±0.1°C accuracy of dew-point measurement. Combined with the ±0.1°C accuracy temperature measurement sensor, the RH measurement accuracy of the S8000 Remote is better than other products currently available on the market.

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