This table-top instrument with accompanying Fluo-Imager software offers powerful analytics at your fingertips.


  • Sensitivity: > 1 μg/L or 1 ppb
  • Excitation: 220 – 650  nm λex
  • Emissions: 220 – 730 nm λem
  • Absorbance: 220 – 650 nm
  • Spectral resolution: 10 nm
  • Temp. Control: +10°C  to  +40°C
  • Detector: Photo Multiplier Tube
Fluo-Imager is a new generation multipurpose spectral analyser for express detection and identification of organic compounds in liquid samples. Based on combined spectral fluorescence signatures (SFS) and absorbance techniques, this analyser works quickly to screen treated or untreated samples. It provides quantitative and qualitative information on a wide range of substances without the need for sample pre-treatment.

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