GC in Explosion Proof Package – LDetek MultiDetek2 EX

Multi-Stream Gas Chromatograph System for Hazardous Areas


  • Explosion proof for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Integrate multiple instruments and sampling system all in one unit.
  • Easy to swap and access units inside the enclosure with its slide out design
  • Wall mount or floor mount available
  • LAN remote control for GC and stream selector
  • LDChroma industrial GC interface with LDReport database software
  • Industrial communication protocols (Modbus-Profibus from Ethernet/RS232/RS485)
  • Up to 10 analog outputs 4-20mA
  • Up to 6 isothermal ovens to fit capillary, micropacked or packed columns with an easy access to replace columns
  • Up to 10 diaphragm/rotary valves to build multiple methods for multiple streams
  • Can combine up to 3 detectors in one GC (PED, TCD, FID, Quartz crystal for H2O, electrochemical sensor or third-party sensor)
  • Analysis in ppb/ppm/%
  • One status alarm contact and two levels alarm contacts are available
The standard industrial compact GC model MultiDetek2 integrated inside a Stainless Steel certified (ATEX-IECEx) purged enclosure to be used in Zone1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Highly adaptable, the system allows for multi-stream analysis using a variety of methods in a single gas chromatograph system. This model keeps the proven robust industrial platform features of the MultiDetek2 with its LDChroma software interface, while widening the scope of applications to include those in petrochemical and other hazardous areas. More than one GC or other instruments and accessories can be mounted in the same MultiDetek2 EX purged enclosure. Using the standard rackmount platform of the MultiDetek2 mounted on a slide out system makes it easy to swap units inside the enclosure for maintenance or application upgrade.