Humidity Standards and Calibration Devices – Rotronic

Traceable Calibration Salt Solutions for Relative Humidity Calibration


  • Traceable to national standard
  • Ampoules contain unsaturated salt solutions
  • Inexpensive calibration on site
  • Simple and safe use
  • Unlimited lifetime as long as the glass ampoules are kept sealed
  • Practical packs of 5 ampoules of the same humidity value (approx. 0.8 ml per ampoule)
Salt solutions Equipped with Rotronic humidity standards, a suitable calibration device and the HW4 software, it is easy to calibrate and adjust probes on-site at your premises. It is also possible to calibrate and adjust probes with the handheld instrument HP32-A (HW4 software is not necessary). Calibration devices Rotronic calibration devices are small, airtight chambers that fit Rotronic probes precisely. The lower part of the device consists of a screw-on lid into which the humidity standard is poured on to an absorbent textile pad. The specified humidity is generated in the calibration device after a stabilization period. High humidity values require a longer stabilization period. The probe can then be calibrated or adjusted by comparison with the reference value of the humidity standard. Applications Calibration and adjustment of Rotronic probes (third-party probes also possible).

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