Lightlab 3 Cannabis Analyzer

Lab-accurate. In-House. In Orange.


LightLab 3 provides lab-grade cannabinoid analysis in a rugged, easy-to-use format. Its touchscreen streamlines and simplifies the entire analytical process so every team member can follow the same workflow to produce consistent results.

  • Step-by-step – On-screen instructions guide you through each step of sample preparation based upon the sample type you select.
  • Accessories – Your LightLab includes all the accessories you need to begin using LightLab right out of the box, including a scale, sample shaker and more.
  • Tags – You have the option to include information about your sample including the operator’s name, sample ID etc. Each test result will automatically include date, time etc.
  • Factory Calibration – LightLab arrives pre-calibrated and ready-to-use right out of the box. LightLab calibrations use Cerilliant® calibration standards for traceability.
  • Results – The results from your most recent tests, as well as previous tests, may be viewed on the screen, exported as a CSV file and shared via text or email directly from LightLab.
  • Pro Mode – Advanced technical LightLab users may bypass guided screens to streamline workflow in Pro Mode and access chromatograms.
  • Workbench Setup – If you run a high volume of tests from stationary workstation, a Workbench Setup will let you run more tests at a lower cost-per-test.
Easy-to-use, portable and accurate the LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer lets non-technical users analyze cannabinoid content like a testing laboratory. LightLab uses two common analytical methods, liquid chromatography and spectroscopy, and simplifies the process to make on-site testing affordable and easy.

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