Michell Condumax II and OptiPEAK TDL600 Dew-Point Analyzer

Hydrocarbon Dew Point and Moisture Analyzer for Natural Gas


  • Moisture:
  • Measurement range: 1ppmV to 1000ppmV.
  • Measurement technology: Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy.
  • Latest generation of TDLAS – moisture measurements are independent to changes in background gas composition.
  • Class-leading accuracy ±1ppmV even with widely varying gas compositions.
  • Hydrocarbon Dew-Point:
  • Fully automatic analysis.
  • Fundamental chilled mirror principle.
  • HCDP measurement range: up to ∆ 55K measurement depression from main unit operating temperature.
  • HCDP measurement technology: direct photo-detection of hydrocarbon condensate.
  • General:
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to install with a small footprint.
Hydrocarbon dew point (HCDP) and moisture are key quality parameters to ensure the quality of pipeline transmission gas. With the combined Condumax II and OptiPEAK TDL600 analyzer system pipeline operators have the assurance of the most widely accepted automatic hydrocarbon dew point analyzer together with the latest development of spectroscopic moisture measurement techniques in a single, convenient analyzer system. Both the OptiPEAK TDL600 and Condumax II are suitable for use with natural gas containing up to 20% hydrogen with no further modification required. Visit the product pages for Condumax II and OptiPEAK TDL600 for full technical specifications.

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