Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer – Michell S8000

Drift-Free Humidity Measurement for Industrial Applications


  • ±0.1 °Cdp (±0.18 °Fdp) accuracy
  • Fundamental, accurate and drift-free measurement
  • Simple configuration and operation via touch screen interface
  • Precision measurements to –60 °C (–76°F) dew point
  • FAST – guaranteed frost formation below 0 °C (+32 °C)
  • Measure at pressures up to 2 MPa (20 barg)
  • USB, Ethernet, RS485 or RS232 connectivity
  • Data logging to SD card or via digital comms
The S8000 precision hygrometer provides a direct measurement of dew point, temperature and pressure. Suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications, the instrument is compact and self-contained. Dew-point measurement is based on the proven, fundamental optical chilled mirror measurement principle, giving long-term reliable humidity measurement over the entire operating range. The S8000 uses this measurement to offer a range of available measurement units including ppmV, absolute humidity, relative humidity and ppmW.

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