SMART-4 pH & ORP Direct Smart Sensor – Extreme Dehydration

Extreme Dehydration


  • Extreme dehydration resistance for remote applications
  • Sensor can safely dry out for months on end
  • Designed specifically for intermittent wetness
    • Abrasion resistant
    • High velocity solids resistant
  • 6m cable
  • RADEL with ?? Front End ? 1? MNPT Back End MNPT
  • -5?C to 105?C
  • Submersible Water proofing & Cable Sealing
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulphide Gas Resistant
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Proprietary tough glass
    • Virtually unbreakable
  • Quick connect?plugs – eliminate hard-wiring of sensors and allow for instant hot-swap
  • Smart Sensor Technology
    • Direct MODBUS RTU output from sensor
      • Connects to wide array of platforms
    • Reduce Overhead & Installation Costs – No need to install expensive analysers
    • No hard wiring ??plug-n-play connectivity
    • Smart Sensor stores calibration data
    • Smart Calibrator ? use one device to calibrate and interface with ALL sensors
    • Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out