WaveGuide Formµla

Detect illness or quantify purity of materials with the power of the world's first battery operated micro-nuclear magnetic resonance.


The WaveGuide Formµla™ is the world’s first portable battery operated NMR device. Less than a tenth of the cost and a fraction of the size of traditional NMR systems, it goes just about anywhere without sacrificing any analytical sensitivity or specificity. All analysis are made on-board the device, but the platform also contains embedded WiFi, Cellular capability (2G to 4G) and a secure cloud-based environment for tracking outbreaks of disease, threats of counterfeit products, failure prevention testing for fleet management, and numerous other possibilities.

WaveGuide Corporation brings precise scientific methods into the field, where conclusive decision making can be performed at the point-of-care. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is an analytical method for chemical analysis previously confined to PhD-staffed laboratories. The WaveGuide Formµla™ portable NMR device costs significantly less than other NMR systems and requires only micro-liters (µL) of sample for accurate results within minutes.