Cost-Effective Oxygen Analyser for Combustion – SST OXY-Flex

Zirconium dioxide technology High accuracy linear output Configurable outputs; 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc or RS232 comms interface Selectable output measuring ranges; 0-25% O₂ or 0-100% O₂ or fully adjustable via RS232 Can be calibrated in fresh air (20.7% O₂) or in any other known O₂ concentration Housed in a sealed die-cast aluminium housing with attached oxygen […]

Oxygen Combustion Control Analyzer – Michell XZR500

Measurement range: 0.01 to 25% O2 Various probe for stack temperatures up to 1,300°C No air reference required with our Metallic Sealed Reference Sensor Long life zirconia cell with reliable accurate measurements Simple to maintain, easy to calibrate every 6 months Robust design that is simple to use Quick and easy to install