Ambient Oxygen Analyzer – Ntron Gasenz

Long life, low maintenance zirconia, electrochemical or optical sensor technology Measurement range: 0 to 25% O2 Compact ambient oxygen monitor Audio/ visual alarm indicator LCD + 4 button multifunction keypad Simple Installation (only power lead required)

Compact Oxygen Transmitter – Ntron SenzTX

Zirconia or electrochemical sensor technology options Measurement range: 0 to 10ppm up to 0 to 96% O2 RS 485 modbus protocol 24VDC power supply KF40 Flange, Flowthrough and Flow Orifice process connection options available Combined Sensor & Electronics allows for ease of integration Lightweight and robust (< 0.3Kgs)

Portable Diving Mix Analyzer – AII Trimix 4001

Displays O2, He and balance gas (0-100%) One touch calibration with air (O2 Span and He Zero) Includes temperature, barometric pressure and RH sensors Long life battery with 16 hours of use, with two-hour charge time 15-minute auto-off feature to save battery Watertight, IP65 enclosure

Handheld O2 Monitors – AII-3000 and Palm O2

0 to 100% O2 measurement range 0 to 25ppm CO Long sensor life up to 60 months (AII-3000) Battery life up to 13,000 hours of continuous use (Palm O2) Integrated or remote sensors Fast response time of T90 in <10 seconds