ISE Sensor for Fluoride (F-)

Used in strong acid fluoride etching service at elevated temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius Undergo strong acid cleaning to remove calcium and silicate deposits Suitable for acid fluoride metal etching process measurement or fluoride wastewater treatment systems. Ready for immersion installation standard or fully submersible with insertion tube or waterproofing (optional) RADEL with Double O-Ring Front End — ¾” MNPT Back End Hot-tap […]

ISE Sensor for Ammonium

Used in heavy industrial process and wastewater treatment system Provides measurements up to saturated ammonium levels Operate continuously at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius Fully submersible without the use of any standpipe or immersion tubes RADEL with Double O-Ring Front End — ¾” MNPT Back End Hot-tap insertion valve retractable assembly (up to 10 psi); […]

Cyanide Analyser

Ideal for Cyanide detox/ destruction monitoring Ulta-low ppm measurement NO moving parts, pumps, filters or reagents required Real-time instantaneous results Continuous in-line measurement

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser

The TT-OPTICAL-DO Dissolved Oxygen Analyser with self-cleaning and self-verification offers enhanced reliability and unrivalled low maintenance. No chemicals or moving parts Optional self-cleaning sensor and self-verification Stable and reliable excellent process control Suitable for all Dissolved Oxygen applications Up to 36 months between DO meter maintenance Up to 36 months between DO meter calibration

Chlorine Analyser

The Turtle Tough Chlorine Analyser is suitable for total or free residual chlorine monitoring or control applications in potable water, seawater, process water, swimming pool water, waste water, food washing, paper and pulp, etc. Low purchase cost Low cost of ownership Reduced pH dependency – largely pH-independent Stable and reliable Bufferless Reagentless