Moisture in Natural Gas Analyzer – Michell OptiPEAK TDL600

D-MET system: Factory-ready for varying gas compositions. For example, after stream blending or injection of shale gas or biomethane to a network. Operating range down to 1 ppmV Sour gas compatible Simple installation and setup Lowest maintenance IECEx, ATEX and cQPSus certified for EExd flameproof Integrated sample handling Proven Michell Instruments quality: 40 years of […]

Michell Condumax II and OptiPEAK TDL600 Dew-Point Analyzer

Moisture: Measurement range: 1ppmV to 1000ppmV. Measurement technology: Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy. Latest generation of TDLAS – moisture measurements are independent to changes in background gas composition. Class-leading accuracy ±1ppmV even with widely varying gas compositions. Hydrocarbon Dew-Point: Fully automatic analysis. Fundamental chilled mirror principle. HCDP measurement range: up to ∆ 55K measurement depression from main unit […]

Process Sampling System – Michell ES70

Indoor panel or outdoor enclosure mounting options Process connection via 6mm or 1/4” tube fittings High quality components, stainless steel tubing and fittings Sample inlet pressure up to 138 barg Flexible filtration options Choice of transmitter, flow and pressure control Comprehensive documentation options with BS EN 10204 3.1 certification and NACE MR0175 available

Self-Calibrating Trace Moisture Analyzer – Michell QMA401

Precision measurement from 0.1 to 2000ppmV Fast response in both dry to wet and wet to dry transitions Simple, low cost, on-site maintenance with long service intervals Dryer can be replaced by the user in 10 minutes Accuracy of 0.1ppmV or 10% of reading, whichever is greater Intuitive user interface Ethernet or USB digital communications […]

Process Moisture Analyzer – Michell Promet I.S

Simple, cost efficient operation and low-maintenance Immune to chemical attack from H2S, mercaptans and other sulphides Protected against glycol or other liquid contaminants Accurate direct dew-point measurement at process pressure up to 45 MPa Moisture range from ambient to ppb level with exhaustive list of hygrometric units, including key parameters of natural gas Two 4-20 […]

Process Moisture Analyzer – Michell Promet EExd

EExd flameproof certified – IECEx, ATEX, cCSAus and TC TR Ex Complete hazardous area installation Single- or dual-channel measurement Moisture content, dew point and pressure Calibration traceable to NPL (UK) and NIST (USA) Sour gas compatible Field calibration maintenance Range -120 to +30°Cdp, 0.001 to 30,000 ppmV

Process Moisture Analyzer – Michell QMA601

Fast and reliable measurement from 0.1 to 2000ppmV Accuracy of ±0.1ppmV at <1ppmV and 10% of reading from 1 to 2000ppmV Maintenance-free for 3 years Built-in verification of customer process gas IECEx, ATEX, TC-TR Ex certified for Exd flameproof, cQPSus certified for explosion proof Intuitive, color HMI with touch-screen keypad; no ‘hot work’ permit required […]