Oxygen Analyzer for Gas Purity Measurements – Michell XZR400

Fast response time Simple and easy operation Low maintenance and cost of ownership No need for reference air Barometric pressure compensation Multiple Outputs available from 4-20 mA, RS485 Modbus RTU and RS232 Rack, wall-mount, bench-mount, and transportable versions available Optional built-in Easidew Transmitter with rack-mount version

Ntron Microx-OL

Zirconia or electrochemical sensor technology options 0 to 1,000ppm, 0 to 25%, 0 to 96% O2 Simple to install and easy to operate Compact slimline design Integral visual alarm beacon Internal pressure and flow regulation Configurable alarm relays 4-20mA output with RS232 communication LCD + 4 buttons HMI 6mm or 1/4″ compression fittings

Thermo-Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer – Michell XTP501

Compact, lightweight and easy to install Intuitive user interface Tough IP55 housing Low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance Measurement ranges from 0 to 1% up to 0 to 25% O2 and 20/80/90-100% O2 Accuracy of better than ±1% full scale 2 x 4–20 mA outputs and MODBUS RTU over RS485 protocol as standard

AII GPR 1600/2600/3100 Oxygen Analyzers for Industrial Gas

High accuracy ( ±0.02 ppm in lowest range) 24 months sensor life with normal usage Sample in CO2 backgrounds with XLT sensor Four measurement ranges with manual or auto-ranging Two Alarms and range indication output Bench, rack or wall mounting options Integrated bypass valve (for GPR-1600) Easy access and sensor replacement Simple to use HMI

Medical Gas Analyzer – Ntron MO2GA93-1

Simply to install and easy to operate Large backlit LCD display Environmental protection rating to IP65 Optional inbuilt audible and visual alarms Programmable O2, CO2 and CO alarms output Two isolated 4-20Ma analogue outputs Zirconia oxygen sensor Infrared CO2 sensor Electrochemical CO sensor

Oxygen Analyzer – Michell XTP601

General purpose or ATEX, IECEx, CCSAUS, TC, TR & Ex hazardous area certified models Meets the requirements of IEC61508 SIL 2 Ranges available: 0–0.5% up to 0–50% & 20, 80 or 90–100% Touch-screen display allows calibration or adjustment without the need for a hot works permit Intrinsic error (accuracy) is better than 1% full scale […]

O2 Analyzers for UHP Gases – AII PI2-UHP 50/100 & MS 500/1000

Measuring trace O2 in ultra-pure Ar, H2, He and N2 LDL to less than 100 ppt Low cost of ownership User friendly and easy to operate and maintain Fast recovery from process upsets Integrated bypass sample system as standard Optional auto calibration system with true zero feature via O2 scrubber

Compact Gas Chromatograph – LDetek MultiDetek2

Pre-configurable according to application requirements: ready-to-use device. Stand-alone instrument for multiple trace impurity measurements. Multiple detectors: PED, TCD and FID. Wide measurement range covers sub-ppb to percent measurements. PPB sensitivity with argon, helium or nitrogen carrier gas (PlasmaDetek) Easy to use and maintain, with large touch screen interface, keyboard connection and easy access panel. Ethernet […]