Software that Delivers Efficient Enterprise Applications

We provide expertise in designing and managing major projects, addressing the full development lifecycle including requirements analysis, software engineering, configuration, testing, product documentation, packaging, and release management.

Our certified analysts and engineers work collaboratively to address usability concerns, optimising workflow and interfaces for ready and intuitive adoption in the field. We are also intimately familiar with the unique regulations and mandates impacting projects in a variety of industries including government, health, hospitality, education, retail, warehousing and manufacturing. 

BCDS Solutions have developed two unique data capturing software platforms that are suitable for both Asset Tracking and Inventory Management:

Asset Management

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Inventory Management

Flexible User Interfaces

Our integrated development team draws upon diverse skills in application design, platform development, and systems engineering to overcome these obstacles. A key strength is our ability to create flexible user interfaces that bring together critical functionality, business logic, and information in a compelling, intuitive, and powerful way. We also offer deep experience in leveraging third-party devices, such as biometric or barcode readers, to further extend the solution. By integrating seamlessly at the process, application, and data level, our solutions work to empower users with access to insight and information when and where they need it.

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Our Proven Methodology

We partner with our clients to rapidly develop enterprise solutions optimised for real-world requirements. By leveraging open standards and modern techniques, we create architectures and systems that are extensible, sustainable and secure. Our enterprise application portfolio comprises of modernisation, systems integration, business process management and mobility services, which can extend the value of existing enterprise systems. All of this makes BCDS the right choice for developing, implementing, and improving enterprise applications. 

Our commitment to you:


We combine industry-leading software engineering techniques with deep domain knowledge to craft the optimal solution for each mission. Our analysts, architects and developers work together collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to create a flexible and adaptive solution that meets today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s requirements. 

Higher User Satisfaction

End users typically evaluate working code at the conclusion of every two-to-four week development sprint. By maintaining this tight feedback loop, we can continually refine and improve the solution to best address their specialised needs.


Faster Time-to-Value

Our software development methodology accelerates software delivery by prioritising key features for more immediate release.


Extensible and Sustainable

Our solutions are architected to capitalise on the most advanced and innovative technologies available. By doing so, we can reduce sustainment costs, simplify maintenance, and maximise scalability.   

Best-in-Class Quality

We employ rigorous quality assurance processes, such as automated testing and continuous integration, to identify and eliminate defects long before they reach formal acceptance testing. As a result, we often exceed even best-in-class levels for software quality.


User-Focused Design

Our engineers draw upon cognitive design and human factors engineering skills to create an intuitive and compelling user experience.


Unprecedented Transparency

By integrating stakeholders directly into the software development process, we can provide extended, real-time visibility into project status. Performance metrics are automatically captured and shared to further improve project management.