OEM Sensors

PST supply market leading low power CO2 sensors that integrate unique mid infra-red light source and detector technology into innovative optics and signal processing. The three product ranges to choose from offer leading edge technology, ultra fast response time, low power and ambient and wide ranges up to 100% CO2. 

Process Sensing Technologies offer a range of industrial oxygen sensors to suit various applications in medical, industrial and transportation markets. Our robust and versatile oxygen sensors provide high quality, performance and accuracy. From compact, retrofit electrochemical and optical designs to robust stainless steel zirconia sensors, we have a solution to fit all.  

PST offers a wide range of industrial safety sensors using infrared technology to be used in a range of toxic and combustible gases such as; hydrocarbon gases, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.


Aii are known worldwide for the quality and performance of our galvanic oxygen sensors for trace (parts per million) and percentage measurements. Our advanced sensor technology provides excellent performance, accuracy and stability as well as fast recovery from exposure to air. Users of AII galvanic oxygen sensors benefit from an extended sensor life, resulting in minimal maintenance.  


Our low power CO2 sensors have been used in hundreds of applications for well over a decade. As engineers and scientists, we’ve amassed years of experience solving complex design challenges and developing unique solutions. Therefore, what we have to offer are tried and tested solutions, supported by a team of specialists in solid-state CO2 sensing technology.

Our core sensor range is suitable for a wide range of markets. This includes air quality & HVAC, healthcare, horticulture & food processing, transportation and aerospace sectors. Whether you need high speed, low power, durability or a really small sensor, we’ve have the solution for you.  

Our robust oxygen sensors can with stand environments where they are exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures, high humidity and dirt as they have a high insensitivity to such environmental factors. Customization is something we strongly recommend. If our standard product range is not suitable, speak to our engineers as they can we can work with you to design a customised solution that meets your exact specifications. Whether that be adding cabling, changing electrical connections, outputs or housing style, we will look at your requirements.  

The infrared sensors allow customers to measure gases such as methane gas over a range of 0-100%, propane gas over 0-2%, nitrous oxide over 0-1% and carbon dioxide over 0-5%, 0-10%, and 0-100%.

The industrial safety sensors from PST are widely used across various markets in oil & gas, energy, medical, mining, industrial, transportation and HVAC.