Combustion Control Oxygen Analyzers

The combustion control oxygen analyzers from PST utilize zirconia sensors for measuring stack gases on boilers, process heaters, incinerators, crematoria and other high temperature/humidity applications. These highly reliable O2 analyzers are all supplied with direct-insertion probes with various sampling methods. The Oxyflex sensor in mounted on the probe tip and is capable of measuring in small boilers up to 400°C. The XZR500 uses either Pitot-Effect or an air ejector to sample the gas and with a silicon carbide probe can measure excess oxygen in furnaces up to 1,300°C. This robust analyzer can serve many industries with various options for corrosive background gases, high moisture content and very dusty applications with its backflush (blowback) option. The XZR250 has been specifically designed as a cost-effective, high performance analyzer that is simple to install and maintain and is ideal for packaged boilers with temperatures up to 700°C.