Hydrocarbon Dew Point

Michell Instruments’ online hydrocarbon dew point analyzers and portable hydrocarbon dew point tester provide essential quality measurements for natural gas at custody transfer. Helping pipeline operators to avoid custody transfer disputes which frequently result in shut-ins due to today’s tighter contractual limits, the analyzers also provide assurance that the risk of damage from entrained hydrocarbon liquids or methane hydrates is reduced.  


Why measure hydrocarbon dew point? 

Natural gas (methane) contains a mixture of contaminants, including heavy hydrocarbons. These condense to liquid phase at low ambient temperatures and may damage gas transmission pipelines.


Chilled mirror measurement technique for highly stable and accurate measurements.

The Condumax II is based on the patented Dark Spot chilled mirror sensor for fully automatic measurements of hydrocarbon condensate formation. We developed the Dark Spot™ hydrocarbon dew-point sensor in collaboration with Shell Research, and this now the accepted industry standard for fully automatic measurements of natural gas quality. For water dew-point measurements, it uses Michell’s Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor.


Sampling systems and customised engineering designs

Standard and custom-designed sampling options are available. These include combinations of flow, temperature and pressure control as well as enclosure heating to ensure optimal sampling conditions. 

Hazardous area certifications

The instruments are certified for use in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas, with certification from IECEx, ATEX, CCSAUS, CQPSUS, and GOST Ex.