Process Moisture Analysers

Michell Instruments’ process moisture analyzers provide continuous, online monitoring of dew point and trace moisture content. Designed for both inert and flammable gases, they are certified for use in hazardous areas. The explosion proof and intrinsically safe trace moisture analysers also operate effectively in natural gas that contains up to 20% hydrogen. 


With three moisture measurement technologies we always ensure that our customers have the right moisture sensor for their specific application and budget. The Promet EExd and Promet I.S analyzers use the Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor and are part of Michell’s service exchange program, for minimum downtime during routine maintenance. The non-contact tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy sensor used in the OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analyzer provides a class-leading lower detection limit for trace moisture measurements in natural gas. Our next generation Advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology is designed to provide reliable, fast and accurate measurement of trace moisture content in process applications where keeping moisture levels as low as possible is of critical importance.


Water dew-point analyzers for natural gas quality

Levels of moisture in natural gas are tightly controlled by international quality standards. The moisture analyzers provide online dew-point measurements of to ensure producers and gas transmission networks meet these requirements. Monitoring the moisture in the gas helps operators to save energy on natural gas dryers. Portable dew-point analyzers allow for spot checks at critical measurement points.


Sampling systems

Controlling the flow, pressure and temperature of the sample gas is crucial for getting the most accurate and reliable measurements. Often, natural gas measurement points are located outside with drastic differences in temperatures through the day. The enclosed sample systems not only protect the instruments from weather but can also include heating and cooling systems to maintain optimum operating temperatures. As well as the standard stainless-steel sampling systems, Michell’s Systems Engineering department also provide custom designs for specific applications or combinations of instruments. Click here to learn more about our systems engineering services.


Process gas analyzers for safety and quality in petrochemical production

Moisture affects the quality of petrochemical products, disrupts processes and may lead to corrosion. Online process moisture analyzers not only improve quality but reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance or stoppages by avoiding damage to equipment and materials.


Global hazardous area certification

The analyzers and sampling systems meet the hazardous area safety standards from ATEX, IECEx, FM, cCSAus and GOST. Full details of the certifications for each product are in the downloads section of each product page and on the datasheet.