Probes and Sensors

Relative humidity is measured in a variety of applications. Rotronic offers a range of probes and sensors in its portfolio to cover all industries and needs. From a simple plug-in humidity probe for handheld instruments and data loggers to the highly developed cable probes for humidity measurement in high temperature and other special applications, we can provide you with exactly the right sensor to suit your needs for humidity measurement. As standard, they all have high accuracy, which can be increased further by specific adjustments within our patented AirChip, making every probe in our range a high-end product for all applications.


Relative humidity together with temperature levels are required to be measured in numerous applications in industry as well as being essential for research organizations and test houses. We manufacture interchangeable probes with the widest measurement ranges -100…200 °C, 0…100 %rh; fixed sensors are also available. We can provide you with the right sensor to suit your exact requirements for humidity measurement. All manufacturers sensors drift, Rotronic are specified to have very low drift of less than 1 %rh/year which can be confirmed by calibration).

Interchangeable probes provide ease of calibration and repair. Thanks to the digital communication, hot swapping probes is possible in seconds minimizing process downtime while respecting FDA 21CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. Probe simulators are available with any required fixed pair of temperature and humidity values enabling the electrical loop between measurement transmitters and controllers to be checked in just minutes, any applied offsets are immediately identified.

Our probes and sensors can be calibrated and adjusted should they be outside customers defined tolerances after years of service.