On-site Calibration

Calibration is critical to ensure equipment is both safe, and accurate. Electronic components drift as they are stressed with age. Without regular periodic calibration, the measurements made by these components are compromised, sometimes to the point where they pose a safety risk to the user.

ACE Analytical has partnered with one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading calibration companies, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal to provide onsite calibrations throughout all major cities from Sydney to Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and more… 

Below is a list of the wide variety of test and measurement equipment that our onsite calibrations can be used for:  

  • Electrical Instruments (RCD Testers, Insulation Testers, Multimeters, Clamp Meters, PAT Testers, Multifunction Testers, Voltage Testers, Relay Test Sets, Scope Meters, Process Meters, Power Quality Analysers, Milliohm Meters, Hi Pot / VLF Testers, Injection Test Sets, Battery Testers, Decade / Self Check Boxes, Loop Testers, Coupling Units, Transformer Testers, Voltage Boosters, Circuit Breaker Analysers, Power System Simulators)
  • Temperature Instruments (IR Guns, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Probes, Thermocouples, Dry Wells, Blackbodys, Autoclaves)
  • Pressure Gauges, Instruments and Calibrators (Fluid and Gas)
  • Light Instruments (Lux Meters)
  • Air Speed, Flow and Pressure Instruments (Anemometers. Flow Hoods, Flow and Pressure Meters)
  • Torque Tools (Screwdrivers, Wrenches)
  • RPM Instruments (Tachometers)
  • Dimensional Instruments (Vernier Calipers, Micrometres, Depth Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Paint Thickness Gauges and Digital Measurement Tools)
  • Humidity Instruments (Meters)
  • Strain and Force (Hand and Hydraulic Crimpers, Force Gauges, Load Cells)
  • Vibration Instruments (Testers and Analysers)
  • Sound Instruments (Decibel Meters)
  • Weight Instruments (Scales and Weights)
  • Gas Instruments (Gas Monitors, Sensors, Detectors and Instrument)

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney; Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal visit companies throughout Australia providing inspection and calibration services. We also have expert technicians available across New Zealand.

What Sets Us Apart from Many Calibration Companies?

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal’s calibration services are third-party Accredited to ISO17025 by NATA (Ammeters; Digital multimeters / DMM, Voltmeters), and are third-party certified to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and AS/NZS4801:2001 for quality environment and safety by SAI Global. You can be sure that we follow the strict guidelines and requirements to ensure you receive the best Australian and New Zealand calibrating services possible. For more details on our NATA scope, please view our scope document here

Our calibration equipment is among the most advanced in the industry. This means that your product is calibrated to a high level of accuracy. Our measurement uncertainties are among the best in the business to assure you that your product is making the most accurate readings it can.

We take more measurements than many calibration companies, providing greater assurance that your product is making accurate, repeatable readings. The more thoroughly the product is tested, the more confidence you can have. Conversely, a calibration performed with a limited number of readings can lead to a false “pass” result.

Some calibrations are available with product and firmware updates to ensure that your product contains the latest reliability and performance enhancements.