Status Scientific Controls Ltd. (SSCL)
Status Scientific Controls Ltd has been in the Gas Detection Industry for 30 years. We design, manufacture and market a range of high-quality gas detectors comprising Automotive Refrigerant Identifiers, Fixed Gas Detectors and Gas Detection Control Units for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

The products use the very latest gas detection technology, including miniature infrared gas detectors which are enhanced using the very latest microcomputer electronics and bespoke applications software. Many thousands of our gas detection systems are in daily use by major companies throughout the world in industries such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Water, Electricity, Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, Telecommunications, Ships etc.

Refrigerant Identifier

Intrinsically Safe Ex 'ia' Gas Detectors

Flameproof Ex 'd' Gas Detectors

Safe Area Gas Detectors Loop Powered

Safe Area Gas Detectors Mains/DC Powered

Low Cost Control Panels

Pellistor Replacement Gas Detectors

Control Panels