Watchgas – Portable Gas Detection
WatchGas, is a renowned and worldwide brand for all your gas detection situations.

WatchGas and 7Solutions in Gas Detection, present a portfolio that perfectly complements ACE Analytical.

With a complete line of portable and fixed gas detection, supported by our local expertise give you confidence in the solutions offered by ACE Analytical.


WatchGas supplies innovative products that save lives. The buyers of WatchGas products trust themselves and their personnel to our equipment, depend on us for training, and count on us for excellent service.

WatchGas's self-contained portable instruments are designed to be easy to use and calibrate while having the necessary durability for adverse field conditions. Fixed systems are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit the most demanding industrial applications.

ACE Analytical support both portable and fixed systems with calibration gases, training, Long-Life Sensors, and service so that our customers achieve the highest protection possible from our products.


Looking for a portable solution? We can offer you just that!

ACE Analytical and WatchGas are dedicated to keep your people save on the job. Our experience in the world of gas detection made us an important and trustworthy supplier of gas detection solutions. Our range of Gas Detectors exist of a single gas device, multi gas device and leak detectors.



The PDM is a full-featured disposable single-gas detector that offers you unequaled value.

Available in O2, CO, H2S, SO2, NH3 and H2.



PDM+ is a single sustainable gas detector designed to detect oxygen deficiency and presence of toxic gas in the ambient environment. The PDM+ is sustainable, hence its battery and sensor can be replaced. When turned on, PDM+ continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of a specific gas and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with LED, vibrating, and audible alarms in the event that gas concentration exceeds alarm set points. After use, the instrument can be turned off.



The WatchGas UNI Sustainable offers a simple portable solution. Currently, it has 26 models available for 18 different gasses (and counting!). The biggest advantage of this single gas detector is it’s sustainability. You can use this device for a maximum amount of time. Of course, we can provide maintenance for this detector.



This Uni disposable is a simple portable solutions for H2S, CO and O2 applications. Constructed of strong and durable material. We offer models for an operating life of either 12 months or 36 months. This detector is low maintenance-free.



The WatchGas QGM is a multi-gas monitor engineered to keep you and your staff safe while working in hazardous environments. It offers detection for up to four different gasses. The WatchGas QGM is able to detect the deficiency of oxygen, poisoning by H2S and CO, and the lower explosion level of combustible gases present. The QGM comes with a catalytic sensor or optional IR sensor to detect combustible gasses.



The POLI range offer monitoring of oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL), toxic gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), and volatile organic compounds (PID). The basic models are with O2, LEL, CO and H2S configuration in both diffusion or pumped versions. The POLI adopts a full range of sensor selection, e.g. electrochemical in a pumped model or use of a combined CO/H2S sensor allows up to 5 gases to be monitored. Optional wireless communication enables real-time monitoring, including Man Down Alarm from remote locations. The POLI offers a solution for 30 toxic gases. Possible to add two high powered cells simultaneously, for example PID and O2.



The NEO is one of the most advanced handheld VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) monitors available for ppb (parts per billion) detection. Photo-ionization detectors (PIDs) can measure thousands of different VOCs. We offer several models from the most sensitive 1 ppb to a high range up to 15000 ppm. Options include real-time remote data monitoring with a built-in wireless modem using ConnectM software. Also check our Benzene specific monitor. It is the only high-end PID with ATEX Zone 0 certification up to 50 degrees Celsius and a non-subscription Bluetooth wireless module.